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Getting Funds into Latinx Hands

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The Challenge

Money is a sensitive topic, and we all know how easy it can become the only thing on your mind. And that’s especially true for college students—getting through higher education means constantly thinking, worrying, and stressing how to afford it. According to statistics, 70 percent of college students reported feeling stressed about their finances. 

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Nearly half of Latino students are the first in their family to go to college. And just under half of them were eligible for federal Pell Grants, money only given to those with a high financial need. In contrast, just one in five white students were first-generation, and about one in three qualified for Pell Grant money

From Data Analyzed by Excelencia

Our Response

With scholarship opportunities, more individuals are given a better chance of receiving a quality education alongside the majority. This is beneficial not only for college campuses but also for the workforce in the long run. At Latinxedu, we are dedicated to helping alleviate the stresses that come with financing an education. If you're a student, we invite you to apply to our Ascender Scholarship. If you'd like to help drive our mission, we invite you to lend your support by giving to our scholarship fund.

Ascender Scholarship 

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Your donations make our work possible. Because of you, our work can continue.

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