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Knowledge is Power

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The Challenge

The proliferation of the internet has unlocked access to literally unlimited information. Ironically, the average Latinx is not very informed about the world in which we live.

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Despite high educational expectations, Hispanics are among the least educated group in the United States: 11 percent of those over age 25 have earned a bachelor's degree or higher compared with 17 percent of blacks, 30 percent of whites, and 49 percent of Asian Americans in the same age group. Even more troubling, more than one-fourth of Hispanic adults have less than a ninth-grade education.

U.S. Census Bureau

Our Response

At Latinxedu, we believe you deserve to be informed. With that said, we focus on providing a centralized location of unbiased information and resources available to you, along with providing perspectives from Latinx across the country. Being uninformed leaves you open to exploitation or victimization, and we want to ensure you're empowered to make the most informed decisions for your education and career.

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