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Bringing access to technology to our community

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The Challenge

There's a clear opportunity present in America today. Low-income families across the country are facing countless obstacles that keep them from achieving success. Access to technology is critical to fighting hunger, poverty, equality, and countless other fights. 

Image by Bruno Nascimento

The internet has opened up a world of information and opportunity for the majority of people, but 34 million Americans remain without access to the internet. Without it, it’s harder for our children to do their homework, adults to find and apply for jobs, or families to obtain affordable health insurance. 

-PC's for People

Our Response

At Latinxedu, digital inclusion is part of our mission. We've partnered with PCs for People and Mobile Beacon to provide individuals in our community with  high-quality, discounted computers and first-class uncapped, high-speed, and unlimited internet service so their limited budgets won't mean a second-class level of technology.

Are you a low-income family that is interested in affordable, high-quality refurbished computers and Mobile Beacon’s unlimited, high-speed internet service for as low as $15/month?


Visit our portal below!

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Your donations make our work possible. Because of you, our work can continue.

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